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The twenty-first century is an age of technological leap and the world is at an advanced level of awareness and activity. This was mainly due to several individuals whose smart thinking and hard work had produced revolutionary products.

In this article we discuss about 5 personalities who had transformed the world into a better place to live. This list do not intend to undermine the role played by hundreds and thousands of individuals whose relentless work has produced marvellous changes in the society. But, we are right in our judgement about the following 5 who have created a world where there are more employment opportunities, growth, wealth and integration. They were the true torch-bearers of globalisation. Read about them.


Steve Jobs was the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the U.S technological giant Apple Inc. Together with Steve Wozniak, Mr. Jobs had created a revolution in the microcomputer genre. His imagination had a significant impact on the way people perceive about gadgets. He was also instrumental in NeXT, a computer platform development company that was later merged with Apple.


Bill Gates is the founder of the U.S based technological company Microsoft Corporation. He along with Paul Allen created softwares for personal computers that dictated the world in terms of software technology for close to four decades. He is consistently featuring in Forbes Magazines’ world’s richest persons list for the past three decades.


Jeff Bezos is the founder, chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon. He revolutionised the way people engage in a market. Amazon has now replaced the need for physical presence in market to buy and sell things. Amazon still continues to inspire budding e-commerce entrepreneurs world over. Jeff is also interested in aerospace industry, venture capital funds, philanthropy and web services.

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Jack Ma is the co-founder of Chinese multinational technological conglomerate Alibaba Group. He is one of the richest man in China. He conceptualised the idea of a business to business e-commerce platform shortly after his migration to the U.S in the mid 90s. His journey was a fairy-tail story from rags to riches. He is an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs and inspire them to seek opportunity everywhere.


Tim Berners-Lee is the man who invented the World Wide Web. For this reason, he can be rightly called father of the technological revolution. His contribution can be gauged from the fact that the World Wide Web act as the primary tool to interact on the internet.

We show immense respect to all those who are out of the box thinkers. Without them we would have remained in a technologically regressive state.

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