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Google’s co-founder Larry Page had once said ‘AI would be the ultimate version of Google’.

His proposition is very much true. But if we put an extension to this proposition, AI would not only be the ultimate version of Google but it would be the finitude of everything that humanity controls.

AI is the modern trendsetter and the identity of the twenty-first century. If not for the incorporation of AI technologies, we might see IT giants like Apple Inc and Google Inc perish into oblivion. They owe greatly to AI.

AI History:

We know that AI is not a modern concept. The idea has its roots in the prehistoric times. There are Greek folk tales on the subject of automated machines. People dismissed them as mere fantasies till the advent of renaissance.

Leonardo Da Vinci, the great Italian polymath who created the most valuable painting of the world ‘The Mona Lisa’, had designed a series of mechanical devices characterised by semi-AI features. But the idea was short of modern capabilities that we see today.

In the twentieth century, the most famous British cryptanalyst Alan Turing had coined the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’. He had developed a device to help the British authorities decipher the secret codes emanating from a German device called ‘ENIGMA’. This had shortened the war in Europe during the Second World War and had significantly helped save millions of lives.

Alan Turing is regarded as the father of the AI. Another known name in the field is John McCarthy. He is also widely considered as the inventor of the AI. Today, AI influence everything in our day-to-day lives from household chores to industrial and business activities.

The neural network and chipset technologies have created a facilitating ground for the AI. The most modern smartphones are equipped with AI features for a better user experience and device performance.


The integral part of an AI system is Algorithms. Algorithms are a set of functions that are needed for a device to perform better. Device use determines how an algorithm is made. For example, if we intend to construct the AI for the smartphones, we have to build algorithms consisting of photographic, device management, processing, RAM management and other application features. There is no doubt that algorithm gives life to the AI. The Neural networks, device drivers, Operating System support algorithms helps in proper working of the AI.

AI can be termed as a blessing in disguise. They have reduced the efforts of human labor and have eased the hardness of their jobs considerably. At the same time, there are threats too arising out of commercialisation Of AI technologies. They are counter productive when it comes to generating employment.

Maintain caution:

The technology has the ability to captivate humanity and to enslave them. Sci-fi movies like the Robot, Terminator, and the Resident Evil have depicted the downside of the Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, AI technologies must be implemented with great care and there must be a balance between the use of artificial intelligence and human labor

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