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BizHeadz™ is an online professional expertise provider. We act as an interface between companies and freelance consultants. The advantages of joining our platform are reduced cost of talent acquisition and connect with expert professionals irrespective of their geographies. We act as an ideal, secure platform to help complete both short term and extended projects of companies by connecting with them the required expertise.

We welcome companies to join our great network to develop and enlarge their human resource acquisition. Now, companies don’t need to hire permanently and borne any extra cost. BizHeadz give you the opportunity to hire the most appropriate expertise just for your project period only and to optimise your resources efficiently.

As a promotional feature, joining and featuring in our website is free. We only charge commission for our facilitation work as an interface provider. Already a successful concept in Western economies, freelance expertise interface platform intend to further the employment opportunities of the youth and the experienced alike. We intend to boost the employment scenario in India by encouraging freelancing.

Join us now and easily hire freelance professionals.
Write to us now at info@bizheadz.com

Jisham Ashraf
CEO, BizHeadz™

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