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Apps are downloaded as per user interests. The purpose might vary from education to entertainment. We have come up with a list of 5 apps that are commonly downloaded by users who are having wider interests. These are popular as well as widely recognised apps. Here is the list


Google Earth is an earth viewing app developed by Google. The app offers both 3D as well as street view options. Google Earth has a large database of stunning 3D visuals and several user friendly options such as touring modes, distance calculator, basic info about places etc.


Magzter is an app that offers e-magazines and e-newspapers. The app hosts a large number of resources to choose from. This gives readers access to a wide variety of topics from different languages including the regional ones.


Google Translate is a convenience app that helps users translate different languages. The app users can translate a conversation, voice as well as handwritten feeds. This app is an example of advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.


YouTube is a video sharing platform where the app users can upload, download as well as share video contents. YouTube also offers a platform to earn some quick greenback. Often, shared contents become part of a region’s acquired culture.


Netflix is an entertainment app that offers entertainment contents including movies and popular channel programmes. Being a premier subscriber, the app user get the opportunity to watch quality premium contents.

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