Ashna And Saleel is a YouTube channel run by Ashna Salim and Saleel Saleem. The channel has around 143k subscribers. They are a ‘couple based in Kochi, loves to share lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel vlogs. Subscribe Ashna And Saleel to watch more videos from them. Follow them on Instagram and facebook.

Jisham Ashraf

A talk with Ashna And Saleel

May 30, 2020 · 7 min read • 



1. A 1.4 lakh subscriber count is, in fact, a great achievement. Congratulations to both of you!

Ashna and Saleel: Thank you so much!

2. Looking back, how difficult was the journey? Is it satisfiying now?

Ashna: It was pretty difficult in the beginning just like any other job. But we are happy that we made it this far! 

3. Tell us something about both of you. What do you do apart from vlogging?

Saleel: I am a live singer and a performer by profession. I also have a band named Six Thirty PM. 

Ashna: I am a dentist by profession. 

4. You are such a beautiful couple on screen. In which year did you start the journey together?

Ashna and Saleel: Thank you so much! We started vlogging in April 2019. 

5. Other than vlogging, What other things interests both of you?

Saleel: Travelling and devouring new cuisines are our passion. Besides, Ashna loves reading and gardening.

Ashna: During his free time, Saleel loves playing cricket, learning guitar and try to improve his music skills. It’s such a joy to watch him.


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6. Recently, Ashna was pranked on a popular prank show. What is your first thoughts about that day? 

Saleel: That was an unforgettable day. It’s always difficult to prank Ashna but I am happy that I had made it. I don’t think she is happy.

Ashna: It was a good experience. I don’t think I’ll trust any random calls again!

7. Ashna and Saleel is a growing YouTube channel with such a brand of loyal subscribers. What was the exact date you have started the channel?

Ashna: We started our channel on April 9. But, due to a copyright issue, our first video got removed. So, you are actually watching our second video under the guise of first one.

8. What you call yourself-do you like to be known as travel vlogger, food vlogger, beauty vlogger or as?

Saleel: We like to be known as lifestyle vloggers. Our content includes everything. We love travel, food, fashion etc. So, you see, we make such varied contents. We also love creating contents to which our subscribers can relate!

9. A recent video of yours titled ‘Iftaar with family members’ had crossed 3.3 lakh views. Do you observe any trend that goes well with the viewers. What kind of videos viewers like the most?

Ashna: Yes! That particular video went trending #4 on that day. As Saleel comes from a family with a music background, a family of celebrities (Saleel is the son of famous singer Kannur Saleem. His 3 siblings are also prominent singers), we believe people are eager to see what’s goes on in their home. We think our viewers prefer casual daily vlogs than videos where we sit at a predetermined space and talk!



10. In your opinion, does the title of videos, and thumbnails play a greater role when it comes to increased viewership?

Saleel: Yes, it does. But we always try our best to make sure that the thumbnail and title stick close to the contents of the video.

11. Your contents are created with the participation of family members and friends, do you think privacy and security are a concern when engaging in a public platform? 

Ashna: Privacy is a factor, in fact, a huge factor especially in the digital era. We prioritize our friends and families’ privacy over anything. We make sure what’s private stays private only. And, we only choose to show just 50 per cent of what is actually happening. You may see their faces but we can guarantee that you will not get intruding personal information about them from our videos.

12. Have you had any instances where you felt insecure about sharing family moments on a public platform?

Ashna: Yes. We get many questions about where we stay and related details. And that’s something which concerns us. Nobody likes to share their address on social media and we believe asking another one’s personal details is inappropriate to the core. Some of them wants to know where our sisters are studying. Such things happen. But everyone has to understand the fact that, at the end of the day, we are just same like anyone of you.

13. What are your suggestions to budding couples who intend to start a YouTube channel?

Saleel: Before you begin, introspect yourself, why do you want to start one? Do not start a channel out of love for just money and fame. Such channels might not sustain for too long. And never start because someone else is doing so or for a reason as simple as ‘bored at home’. You must have a clear vision and a will to work each and every day including in weekends. If you get a positive vibe for the above questions, you can start.

14. How supportive are your family members? 

Ashna: They are highly supportive.

Saleel: Yes, indeed, they are.

15. What are your future plans? 

Ashna: Travel more, eat more, create good content, make people happy and stay healthy! 



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16. We, indeed, heard many stories about income from YouTube. What is the reality? According to you,  Is YouTube a reliable source of income? Are you satisfied with your present income from YouTube? Is it worth your effort? Does money really matter in content creation or is it just a passion?

Ashna: YouTube is not a reliable source of income. It can vary monthly depending on our content. As you know, Saleel does stage shows and we also own a small clothing business. These are our primary source of income. We are satisfied with our YouTube income as it’s not our primary source. Youtube can stay as a backup. If its your passion, money will flow with time. Consistency is the key. But if you start a channel just for money, it’s pretty sure that you’ll fail even before your start.

18. What are your advices to budding YouTubers?

Ashna: You must be very clear on why you are starting the channel, find your niche, then start, be consistent, post every day or every alternate days, avoid replying to negative comments, create an audience in Facebook and Instagram. Initially, don’t worry about the persistent snail pace in viewership. Plan accordingly. Work on it daily.

20. How you get ideas for each of your videos? What sources are helping you out?

Saleel: We don’t plan unless the video requires it. That’s the best part. We just let it go with the flow. We get ideas from our family, friends, subscribers, and even from YouTube etc.

21. What are the prominent changes in your life after you have crossed 1 lakh subscribers compared to a phase where you had only 100 subscribers? 

Ashna: We are conscious about the quality of the content which we create. Because we know our videos reach a wider audience. If they are subscribed to us, it means, they are watching too. We want to make them happy whenever they watch our videos. We want them to know new things, learn new things. And we try to better ourselves everyday. 

22. What was your favourite fan moment? 

Saleel: In the beginning of our career when we were in Dubai and had only about 50k subscribers, we received a portrait of ours from an uncle. That was really really special. And it’s still close to our heart. 

23. Can you name a few of your ardent followers?

Ashna: Some of them whom we remember very well are, of course, our parents, siblings. When it comes to subscribers – there are many! I think, it’s hard to name a few.  

Saleel: Yes it is hard to name a few.

24. What resources do you use for editing and enhancing your video content? And, among both of you, who does the editing work?

Saleel: We edit in iMovie which is available in MacBook. Ashna does all the editing. She is a perfectionist and she always insists that she’ll do it.

25. Does the channel helped you in your present job in anyway? Do you have a moment to share?

Saleel: Yes! I get more recognition and enquiries regarding my band and live shows. But the funny part is that they also ask me to bring my wife along for the shows 

26. Which is your most favourite YouTube channel and who is your most favourite YouTuber?

Saleel: I don’t have any particular taste. I watch anything and everything on YouTube. 

Ashna: I love a few. Kritika khurana, Ascia Akf, Lucie B Fink, Larrissa Dsa, Audrie Storme etc.

28. Which video of yours do you like the most?

Saleel: Video that were shot at Dubai

Ashna: Ooty traveling video

29. There are many challenges for YouTubers while they shoot videos. What are the most glaring challenges do you have faced while shooting videos?

Ashna: Schedules. It’s difficult to stick to the schedule for shoot and edit. Time management, interior lighting, network issues at certain locations results in failed uploading, carrying equipment to places, constant stare from people.These are a few in the long list. But if you love what you are doing, you’ll ignore and enjoy these challenges.


image courtesy: Ashna And Saleel

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