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Authors List

BizHeadz® Authors List
Updated on September 29, 2019
This is a list of authors and their articles being published on BizHeadz®
  1. Shreshth Modi – A Tale of One Amongst Thousands
  2. Palak Chadha – The New Fad: MUKBANG
  3. Parth Vijay – The Story of Time
  4. Safiyat Naseem – The Theory of Not Knowing Everything
  5. Aayush Ashok Kothari – It Takes A Lot Of Blue To Stay Green
  6. Sahiba Khan – Stop Blaming And Start Working
  7. Abhinav Mishra – The Unfortunates – A Journey
  8. Mukesh Gupta – Top 7 Books To Get Inspired In Life
  9. Sarika Ahuja – Whether Men Support Empowered Women
  10. Safiyat Naseem – Insanity Defence And The Issues With It
  11. Lokesh Tripathi – HFCs And Their Future Prospects
  12. Kratika Gulwani – How Media Affects Rape Culture
  13. Priyansh Bajpai – Science Behind The Logics
  14. Sagar Zilpe – Prince Of Malaysia Honoured Pundlikrao Zilpe And Lata Zilpe; Shreyash Distributors, Recognised By Agusto And Terrace, Invited To Pharma B2B Expo At Mumbai; DIPP Awarded Startup SPNZ Autotech Creating A Lot Of Technology Buzz In The Mundhwa Vicinity
  15. Deeepansh Bhati – Chinese Economic Slowdown And Its Impact On Global EconomyMedia: A Boon Or A Bane
  16. Mayank Thakkar – Maximize Your Time To Maximize Your Productivity
  17. Sarah Pritzker – 10 Video Trends We Look Forward To In 2019; Budding Youtube Vloggers: 10 Tips To Grow Your Audience
  18. Neha Sakka – Stepmother: The Demonized Angel
  19. Gangesh Pathak – 2 Nations, Different Paths, The Result, And An Appeal; Kashmiri Youth (To Those Who Show Their Ire Against India): You Are Being Used. Think Practically
  20. Shubham Airi – Kashmir: Trouble In Paradise And Questions From A Concerned Citizen
  21. Rukaiya Rexinewala – Instagram – A Fool’s Paradise
  22. Joel Joseph – GUI To Apple iPhone: The Story Of A Tech Revolution; Artificial Intelligence: The Modern Brain; Smartphone: From A Life Saver To A Deadly Dagger
  23. Muhammad Zakaria – Kratom: Price Per Kilo, Its Benefits And Where To Buy
  24. Jazah Noor – Hologram: The Futuristic Display; Tata Motors And Mahindra Rose To A New Level With Their Premium SUV Models
  25. Dr. Tejaswini Salmani – Natal Care In The Ayurveda: An Introduction To Garbhini And Sutika Paricharya
  26. Dr. Pranav Kumar – Foeticide: From The Divine Perspective
  27. Dr. Sameer Babu M – Teachers College Education: 5 Core Areas Of Professional Development At The Tertiary Level; Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Edx And Collaborative Semi-Formal Learning: An Easy Walk Over With MOOCs