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Parth Vijay

The author is a BCA student from Jaipur


February 15, 2020 · 5 min read •

If we talk about Black Holes, than we are actually talking about the most mysterious and dangerous object of the universe. Their gravity is absolute. Nothing can escape from it. They can swallow galaxies, stars, planets, anything which passes nearby. Even the light could not manage to escape it. They can eat light and that’s why black holes are black. But till the mid-20th century they were considered to be the topic of science fiction. People used to giggle when they heard about existence of the black holes. But now, with the evidence given, no one is laughing anymore. Now we know they are real. Even though we don’t have enough evidence to prove what‘s inside it but we know they are out there in the space. The black are considered to be the end point of almost everything in the universe. The end point of stars, matters, energy, gravity, everything.

Black Holes are like a one way trip. Once the thing goes in, it never comes out. So it might be interesting to know what gives black holes so much power to destroy everything nearby. What can make it that dense, that powerful? Well the answers lies in one of the primal forces in nature – Gravity. Gravity plays a very important role in making the black holes the most devastating object in the universe. The gravity in black holes are so much strong that they can even bend light coming from the distant stars. And there is only place in the whole universe that generates that much gravity and it’s inside the largest star. When the star weigh 100 times more than our sun dies, it creates the biggest explosion in the universe called a hypernova. This is described as the birth of a black hole.

As black holes are the absolute destructor of everything, they are also responsible for building the galaxies. They are the vital part of the cosmic machine. Some astronomers also believes that they could even be the gateways to the parallel universe. As science has now entered to the golden age of research in black hole physics, now it’s not an exaggeration to say that they could be the key to understand the universe, its formation and its death.

The story is not over yet. There is much more to be discovered about the most mysterious object called Black Holes.


image courtesy: Pixabay

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