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Dr. Michael L Brown, an American radio host, took to twitter to show something unusual. He was shocked after going through his business class dinner menu and tweeted the screenshot of the same. The menu reads thus

“Home Counties Venision Stew

Rosemary dumplings, roasted chestnuts, wilted kale

Even though greatest care has been taken, due to the nature of the product there is a very small risk of bullet fragments that could be found in the meal.”

Reading this warning, Dr. Michael had tweeted the menu along with a caption “You’ve got to be kidding me”.

Although the menu had a serious tone, Dr. Brown and the Twitteratti had immediately found the description hilarious enough and the post had since gone viral.

A British Airways spokesperson commented that these warnings are there for a precaution and a common practice and they source the best ingredients for their in-flight menu.

Photo Courtesy: phocuswire.com, Dr. Michael Brown Twitter Account

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