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The teaser of the Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Cheat India’ has just got released. It portrays the jugaad-driven culture of the country. People are on an active hunt for some easy money. They want to make money at a super fast pace without a single drop of sweat. That’s how the world is today. Scam is a worldwide phenomenon and it’s not endemic to India.


Thailand is a South East Asian nation and a most important member of the Association of the South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). India has a Free Trade Agreement with the ASEAN members. Therefore, Indian importers mainly import from the region due to the nil duty structure. This has also resulted in a trade deficit affecting the Indian side.


Taking advantage of the situation, Thailand has emerged as the hotbed of scammers. They are unsuspecting, genuine-like and convincing enough. They offer attractive prices for the products you are looking for and you are damn sure that they are your potential partners till you realise that you are smartly cheated.


Take for instance the case of Ekarach Paper Industry Limited. A paper company with some repute in Bangkok. Their website is not running properly. Taking advantage of the situation, another person started a website similar to their name. He has gone to the extent of duping many by appearing with different names and designations in several social media platforms.


People fall prey to this smart con man out of sheer negligence of some basic sense. Before transferring your hard earned money, make sure that the firm is genuine with all possible ways under your disposal. This include grilling the seller with some smart questions. Do not hesitate to question the person on the other end. Because it is safe to loose a seller than your hard earned money. Cheat India is how they make money.

Picture: official poster of the film ‘Cheat India’.

Courtesy: Emraan Hashmi’s Official Twitter handle.

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