1. Mail us your most recent CV to Please provide us up to 48 hours to review your details. Once scrutinised by a team of experts at BizHeadz™, we create a free consultant account that can be updated anytime at your request. Once an account is open with BizHeadz, you are joining an excellent consultant community.

2. Please ensure that you mention your previous experience, areas of expertise and your project preferences in your application. Our team of experts will help you create an excellent profile and develop an optimum and standard remuneration rate.

3. Once clients approach us with a new project notification with their requirements, we will update you with the project that matches your preference, skill sets and experience.

4. You can opt a project of your interest and the clients concerned will receive your profile along with details in regard to remuneration demand, time availability, other suggestions and preferences that you may have.

5. You can agree upon the terms of engagement with the client on our platform. Terms are based on the payment plan of the client.

6. Our platform will facilitate payment for you or you can directly contact the client concerned for payment realisation. Clients’ preferences are given prominence over payment decision.

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