1. BizHeadz™ is an Information Service Provider and we strive to provide highly accurate information to help companies to stay competitive in a globalised world. We do not provide any assets or material goods.
  2. The party can choose the form in which they would like to get the information.
  3. Our claim of a pan India reach is on a region basis and not on a revenue division basis.
  4. BizHeadz™ has the right to change the service rate without a notice. This does not mean we change it often. Basically the rate changes when tax rate slab changes.
  5. We do not entertain a personal communication with our employees or soliciting them with crude means. This will be considered as a contract violation and BizHeadz™ can demand indemnity for the same and cancellation of contract without no further notice.
  6. Our services rates are exclusive of GST rate of 18 percent. The party has to bear this amount as an additional cost.
  7. Our expert advisors might change according to availability. No company can have a say on the expert advisors. BizHeadz™ has the sole authority over its internal matters
  8. BizHeadz™ is a sole proprietorship firm for the purpose of registration for the time being. We are under the process of registering BizHeadz™ as a private LLC.