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With love from Russia:

Mikhail Varshavski aka Dr. Mike was born in Saransk, a city located in Russia’s Volga basin. At an early age in his life, Mikhail’s family migrated to Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York City. Like any immigrant family, early days in Brooklyn were difficult for them. Initially, his parents struggled to make living; Subsequently, his father enrolled for studies in medicine. He is now a physician, and an inspiration for Dr. Mike to pursue medical degree.

Medicine School:

Tragedy hit him hard in his first year in medical school. He lost his mother to leukemia. She was a Mathematics professor. With his grit and hard work, he completed his residency program in Family Medicine. Today, he is a 28-year-old doctor.


Making a celebrity out of you is the trending business model in the internet age. If you have good looks with intelligence, and a single post to boost, you will be known world over. Most importantly, you can earn handsome.

Dr. Mike is one among a long list of internet’s overnight celebrities, who were lately the product of an Instagram rage. He gained popularity in 2015 when an article was published in BuzzFeed. People Magazine later named him “the Sexiest Doctor Alive”.

This single story made him an overnight sensation with his Instagram account thronged by thousands of followers. Presently, he has a staggering 2.9 million followers in Instagram. But he is a celebrity out there for a good cause.

Social Cause:

In 2015, Mike founded Limitless Tomorrow, a foundation that strives to provide scholarships to struggling students, and he raised money for the cause by using his social media influence.

Let him stay as a celebrity:

Overnight celebrities are the need of the hour, if they work for greater causes. Dr. Mike and his work is a truly amazing story to share. People call him beauty with intelligence. We need celebrities who cares to share. Let them stay as celebrities to share for humanity.

Image Courtesy: Dr. Mike official Instagram Account

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