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Nihar is a Post Graduate in Management from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai (Marketing major – Analytics minor). As the Product Evangelist of Manipal Global Education, he is responsible for building innovative products & solutions and take them to market.

Nihar Pandit

June 3, 2020 · 3 min read • 



Adversity/ Necessity is the mother of invention they say. Over the past few months, what has truly come out is that Adversity is the mother of adoption.

My passion for education started with the philosophy of VolunTeaching, voluntary sharing the knowledge with the ones in need. All India Rural Empowerment Program (AIREP) made me realize that the key to empowerment of an individual is through Education and Vocation. (Read my previous article on Creating (L)EARNING Opportunities for Rural Youth through VolunTeaching). However, during my MBA, I happened to be the end user of EdTech platforms. That intrigued me to this futuristic blend of technology and education.


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Over the last 3 years, it has been a phenomenal journey to come up with innovative products, solutions, and offerings that can boost and optimize the efforts being made by educational institutions. Nonetheless, the satisfaction gained during these testing times with regard to COVID-19.

What has been most heartening to see is the peers at Manipal Global Education rise to the occasion, working tirelessly to digitally enable learning and assessment for educational institutions and corporates. The Indian education and corporate ecosystem has surprised many in their promptness to adopt the digital mode of learning and assessment. Over the several conversations with Deans, Vice-chancellors, IT Heads, following questions have been raked up:

1.How can you help us in completing our academic sessions through your LMS (Learning Management System)?

2.How can we conduct the end-semester/ end-year examinations remotely, provided we can keep an eye on candidates’ actions?

3.How can we digitally conduct our admissions & counselling cycle for the upcoming academic year?

4.Are there any online courses on latest trends that you can offer to our students?

5.What are the ways in which you can help a corporate to keep their employees digitally engaged?


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It is truly evident that the ‘adoption’ of technology, especially in this field of education, skilling and learning has accelerated, when faculties and students are confined to their homes. The true potential of technology has come to the fore – most of the dots have connected, with the bonding between institutes/ corporate and ed tech organizations growing stronger. This bond is here to stay and grow, even after life normalizes.

It would be interesting to see the new normal that will key-in in this space.


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