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Dr. Pranav Kumar
The author is a medical professional. This is part of a short story collection.

I know that was divine. An auspicious mix of exudates from her mother and father. The venue is a cavity of about ten centimetres. Threads are untwining and segregating independently and rejoins at last. They used to call them chromosomes. Some beautiful threads among them are ready to define her gender. How sweet, you are my honey!. You will be the most beautiful girl on earth. I prayed unknowingly with a gasp.

I have completed the challenging task of caring her with at most care. Although they called out them as her father and mother, they are absolutely not. They will guide her to me by pointing upon a church, temple, and a mosque till she realise who I am. The origin and annihilation are built with all the wealth of infinite.

I went close and whispered to her, ” Hey sweety, I am sending you to the beautiful earth, the heaven where I have left people who can bring smile to you. Some of them will be close to you as family. When time comes, someone will complement you and you will get paired up. After your absolute union, I will again send beautiful ones to love you, and to look after you in distress”. After listening to my whisper, she took her ears away and turned to receive nourishments from her mother.

What now? What is happening? I listened carefully by entering her soul. I can hear doctors voice in the background. Oh! Jerk it off. Something is preying on her, clipped her. Within no time, I withdrew from her body in pain.

Surgical equipments, directed at her by well educated doctors, play their role well. They are striking her, squeezing her and almost killed her. She cried in pain, and asked, “Mom; why are you conceding my death? Is there anything wrong with me? Am I not beautiful like you? Please my mother, give me one chance to live. Don’t you want to know how much I waited to see you? How can you simply eject out your breast milk and forbid my affectionate lips?

Please mom, please, allow me to live.

“Oh my father, I have waited for months to breath the same air as yours. I want to learn the first lessons of music from the rhythmical heart beat of your warm bare chest. Don’t you have the tender affection to kiss me? Don’t you wanna feel my love?

Please dad; don’t kill me”.

“Oh, my family, I know, you are so tired by searching a good name. Don’t you wanna play with me? I can’t imagine the forthcoming festivals without you. Haven’t you brought a toy-shop for me?

please, please, help me out to live.”

“Oh, my holy mother earth. How stupid you are? Will you hate my footprints on you?

All done. There is utter darkness now.

I can see the spark that transformed into a flame and then washed away the darkness. She appeared in front of me with her childish smile by hiding her tears and sorrows. The only thing I could tell her was sorry. What else I can do? How should I face her? What should I tell her? Nothing.

I behold her with my flooded eyes, and embraced  her with all the affectionate feelings and said “Sorry my dear; you are mine. And I do promise that I will not give even a semblance of you to anyone. Some things are better left forgotten.”

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