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‘YouTube is an American video sharing platform’


July 12, 2019 · 3 min read •

YouTube is a great career option for many who have good flare for content creation. First time YouTubers have doubts over the money they are going to earn by doing some tedious work. It may take years for you to achieve a million views. Now how much YouTube will pay you for a million views.

We give credit to the YouTube channel Reyes The Entrepreneur for the data. Here is the estimated revenue of the channel owner for a million views.

The video from which the data has been taken: How much I made in my vending machine business in one month.

Video created: January 3, 2019

Total views as of January 16, 2019: 13,64,020

January 3 Total views: 19,010; Money made: $108.60 ($5.50 per 1000 views)

January 4 Total views: 52,321; Money made: $215.77

January 5 Total views: 1,94,506 Money made: $728.53

January 10 Total views: 1,50,955; Money made: $712.40

January 11 Total views: 3,48,003; Money made: $1,145.45

January 12 Total views: 4,10,955; Money made: $1,120.37

His estimated earning from January 1- 12

Total views: 18,25,806

Money made: $6,867.42 (approx. ₹4,00,000)

Subscribers gained: 25,941

Going by the estimated revenue, it’s the right time to start an YouTube channel and upload interesting content to earn some good money. You can even resign your current position to convert yourself into a full time YouTuber.


image courtesy: Pixabay

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