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Usman Sheikh

Usman Shekh is the founder of Only Hijab, a clothing store in Birmingham, UK. To get more advise on ‘how to start a hijab business and to buy products, visit ‘Only Hijab’ at 382 Stratford Road, Birmingham B11 4AB, United Kingdom.


May 24, 2020 · 5 min read • updated version

Be your own boss

In this globalised world, it is better to transform into your own boss. There are many success stories of people who fought against many odds to come out successful in their chosen field. Here, we are sharing an excerpt from the success story of hijab store entrepreneurs Mr. Usman Sheikh and his wife Mrs. Fathima Usman, who had started hijab stores in the heart of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and had succeeded in their venture. They share their story on how to start a hijab business.

Only Hijab – a success story

“I started as a small clothing business and planned to sell hijabs ( Muslim scarf ) and modest clothing. But my friends and family were not very happy with my choice of selling hijabs as they did not see it profitable as a very big hijab store was shut down in our area recently. They told me ‘this business will not run , the big hijab store has closed down, what are you going to do?’ But I saw the glass as half full and the brighter side of the situation. I told my friends, if one big hijab store has shut down then there should be someone else to serve their existing customers.

I use to watch hijab tutorials and had learn new ways to design and display hijabs. Soon girls started to like my hijab styles and wanted to learn the ways I do the Muslim scarf styles. In those early days I could not afford to keep any staff, so my wife use to help & assist me in the store. Many girls use to come to our store thinking those Muslim scarf stylings were done by my wife & they use to ask her to teach them how to do those hijab styles but get really astonished to find out that those styles were done by her husband.

Strategy on how to start a hijab business

My strategy was simple. I used to work hard on our window displays.

“Jo dikhta hai, Woh Bikta hai“ ( what people see is what sells ). Soon our hijab stores were the talk of the town, words of mouth spread and people started knowing about Only Hijab.

We have grown from a single branch to a multi one and even open a new warehouse. And we have more than ten people working for us. Only Hijab has become a brand in UK and also slowly becoming popular abroad. We get online order from abroad too.

Our future plans are to open Only Hijab branches abroad in India and Dubai. Only Hijab was also featured in a BBC program as well as in other channels across UK.

I have trained my wife about the intricacies of the hijab business and turned her into a businesswoman and now she runs and take care of the business.”

How to start a hijab business – My 7 tips:

1.Be confident at the initial stage. There would be many who will discourage you. Ignore them.

2.Capital is key. You must have a back up plan too.

3.Train your loved ones to become your helping hand.

4.Change with the trend. Execute new fashion.

5.Be loyal to customers. Do not cheat or siphon off from them.

6.Maintain a long friendly relation with customers. This business requires continuous liaison with customers

7.Use social media wisely to market your products.


image courtesy: Only Hijab 

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