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With due respect to all sentiments, I would like to urge Pakistan to rethink their path and self introspect. Where they are heading now? I have seen Pakistani media and politicians across the spectrum trying to brand a hypothetical victory over India. This is simply a way to deceive the innocent Pakistani people.

I would like to ask my fellow Pakistani friends, at how many poles apart we both are standing today. India, as a united nation, is striving to build the world a better place to live and add value to growth by building a vibrant startup ecosystem. This is expected to enhance people’s lives and help prevail the peaceful environment.

Pakistan is still infamous for home grown terror networks. They perpetrate jihadi attacks that results in gross injustice against humanity. This will also affect the prevailing peaceful environment. They are spreading terror in the minds of the people and are destroying peace in India and across the nations, even in Pakistan.

India has some wonderful contributions in the field of corporate affairs due to a strong startup incubation culture and assistance. On the contrary, Pakistan has played its geopolitical significance to the core since its independence. The country for a long period was dependent on assistance provided as grants by foreign governments.

Pakistan has a regional growth conundrum. The economic growth in Pakistan is uneven and are concentrated in a few urban pockets in the East. The presence of terror organisations viz. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al-Qaeda, and Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pakistani soil, and the alleged support they receive from various state machineries in order to destabilise India and to appropriate Kashmir from India is the single most reason why Pakistan is still not able to utilise its human resources properly.

Pakistan, with a meagre GDP compared to India, was investing their precious resources more on their defence. When a large chunk of resources are diverted for buying military equipments and investing in conflict zones, Pakistan had virtually forgotten its border and people in the west. There is an impending threat in the Af-Pak region especially in FATA. This has made Af-Pak region the world’s most unstable region due to continued violence and bombings.

India is a steady supplier of human resources to the global business community. India has given top-notch CEOs to the world. Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi are manning top position in some of the world’s most respected business houses. Their talent spread a message to the whole world. Invest in human resources.

On the other hand, Pakistan is making the mistake of investing in those who are behind some of the most high profile terror attacks. Despite a decade long request to prosecute the mastermind behind the Mumbai terror attack, Hafeez Saeed can still address huge gatherings in Pakistan is a great cause of concern.

As per a NASSCOM report, India is the third largest startup facilitator in the world. India has some of the greatest unicorn startups. But on the flip side, as per an updated list of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on terror and militant organisations, Pakistan alone has 139 terrorist groups operating in its soil.

I am not against any religion or country. I am sure that those who are protecting these ideologies have some silly logics to justify. But I would like to emphasise on some of the justifications made by them. They say the Holy Quran grants permission to do what they are engaging in.

Since they are pitching a holy scripture in support and to justify their nefarious activities, I would like to ask, is the quran you read only being published in Pakistan? I would like to bring to your notice that we have Muslims in India roughly equal to the total population of Pakistan. And they too read the Holy Quran. Perhaps, with more understanding, faith and scholarship than you.

As per my knowledge, Islam stands for humanity. Your advocacy for attacks on humanity are backed by false scholarships over the scripture. What you are following is not the teachings of Quran. As far as I know, the world’s religions talk about peace and humanity only.

I urge my Pakistani friends especially the youth of the country, who are prone to fall in this trap, to follow the original teachings of the holy scripture and do not follow false scholarships. Let us strive for humanity and together build a better world.

image courtesy: Pixabay

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