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IAS the power:

IAS, the three-letter designation is synonymous to power in India. Notably, IAS is the premier administrative service and top-notch administrators in the government are serving IAS officers. The officers in the service are able to wield immense power at a young age. Most importantly, the service offers sublime opportunities that attracts the youth of India.

The Toughest Exam:

However, the entry barrier is difficult to overcome for the aspirants. The Civil Services’ examination is considered as one of the toughest exam to crack. This exam tests different abilities of the candidates such as their time management skills, whether they can think and write concise answers with pace or able to speak with clarity of thought.

Good Aptitude and Knowledge:

The candidates must have an aptitude of a generalist. The person shall have good command over general knowledge subjects viz. History, Geography, Polity as well as scientific advancements, International Relations and Economics.

Secret of Success:

Researches have shown that the candidates with their parents in the service have a greater chance to clear the exam at a young age. This is especially owing to the guidance they receive from childhood. It is a known fact that fewer mistakes will increase the probability of rank.

Coaching Failures:

Candidates often make the mistake of joining a bad coaching institute out of bad advice. They end up wasting their valuable time and money after their stint at the institute.

What You Need To Do:

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