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There is a sense of disenchantment when you verify that an offer to marry an Icelandic woman plus $5000 pay check per month, beer as well as free housing provisions come along with it is really a fake one.

A video posted by 2Kool, a media company, regarding the offer to outsiders had since gone viral. Ironically, the video had garnered much views to circulate even after being stamped as a fake.


Internet is transitioning through a difficult phase where fake informations can motivate mob frenzy and can distort law and order situation.

The idea behind generation of fake informations are mainly due to varied reasons from views based revenue generation to a sense of bliss achieved by the fake news creators by deceiving the whole humanity.


People are not ready to fact check by a simple visit to the Government of Iceland’s immigration website where it is clearly mentioned that financial statements of immigrants must clearly picture a great financial support before immigrants are granted residence permit.

Whether the Facebook post of ‘2Kool’ was a satirical one or not is a question to be answered. But the post is still ruling the internet even after being framed as a fake for several months is really a cause of concern.


It affects the credibility of the internet ecosystem. We need a mechanism to control the spread of misinformation without creating casualties in the genuine ones.

image courtesy: Euronews

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