• Jisham Ashraf
  • Founder, Indepth Jr

Indepth Jr is an online platform to skill kids in the Grade 5-12 by providing skill enhancement classes in civil service, coding, web and app designing, digital marketing, and health & wellness.

What this article is all about?

  1. Assessing the frequency of uncertainties in the middle of a pandemic.
  2. Results of those uncertainties and how it is affecting people’s lives
  3. Importance of developing skills according to the needs of prevailing industry scenario
  4. Tapping the potential of wasted talents

There is no doubt regarding the fast paced nature of the 21st century. Automation is engulfing jobs in multiple sectors resulting in the abolishment of existing jobs. With growth trampled by Covid-19 across the world, it won’t be an easy comeback for many nations and their people. Poverty and crime rate would sharpen in the post-Covid world.

In the penultimate years of each decade in the 21st century, we have witnessed unexpected turns and events viz. a global recession and a deadly pandemic. It can be rightly said that these events had made life of many families worse off. The global recession in 2009 eroded wealth of many people virtually embroiling them in bankruptcy and joblessness. Some poor souls had even took the extreme step of ending their lives. In 2020, a global pandemic in the form of Covid-19 had let loose the savings of many families world over. A stark reality of economic downturn is looming large over many households.

In such a scenario, it is important to plan wisely for next decade. It is normal to expect something worse in each decade. Don’t take me wrong. It’s the new normal. After all, that’s a honest prediction from our experiences. Experts warn an even larger risk to mankind. That’s most likely in the form of climate change and associated extreme events. 

People say things won’t happen as you plan. But it is equally alright to plan in order to rewrite a predicted course. To face the uncertainties in our life, we need to constantly adapt by learning new skills. Our kids must be equipped with knowledge in technologies and skills to help them handle today’s complex world. Therefore, it is important to invest in skill development. 

In India, education is not job-centric. This is the case for many decades. We have engineers who are working in business development or more accurately in sales. We have PhD holders working in the Police constabulary. I am not saying that these are demeaning professions. I am of the view that to work in a field of your choice must be respected. But the problem here is what’s the need for years of laborious work in study and research to finally end up as an overqualified person in some low-profile jobs.  

Our education system must co-exist with the prevailing industry situation. We must skill students keeping in view the demand of the industry. We need to teach kids the purpose of education and the practical aspects of what they are learning.

It’s a common occurrence in which aspirants of prestigious civil service exams prepare with such a zeal that multiple failures will result in a lose of years of youth, wealth and confidence. When they finally succumb to the pressures of their parents and peers, they end up in some positions which they think as an adjustment when compared to what they have aimed for. This will result in low esteem and depression for many years. 

We need to show these talents how to rise up by supporting them. Let all these talents come up with ideas that can be successfully converted into a revenue model resulting in a successful business, providing jobs to millions.
Online services providers are emerging like never before. It’s important to see how the power of education and skill had made many young people millionaires and billionaires.

Take the case of Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and CEO of ridesharing company Ola Cabs. He is a computer engineer. Presently, he along with his co-founder is providing employment to a whopping 4500 employees. That’s an incredible achievement considering his young age. 

We need more entrepreneurs to drive growth. Entrepreneurs must possess the skills to lead their initiatives in the right direction. Entrepreneurs, kids, parents, job seekers, employees, and employers all must direct their energy to learn something new in order to create opportunities and to sustain in the middle of a pandemic.

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