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Once again Social media is flooding. Whatsapp and Facebook posts were constantly waving at me. I saw certain posts related to massive terror attack in Pulwama. I was stunned by the news and had no words initially. I had immediately switched on the television. All the major news channels were reporting on how our CRPF jawans were attacked by terrorists in Pulwama, a mid-east Kashmir valley district. The terrorists were carrying 300 kilograms of explosives and had hit the convoy in which the jawans were travelling. Pakistan based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed took over the responsibility of the attack.

The news hurt me very deeply. Being a patriotic Indian who reside in India, my anger has reached its zenith upon hearing the news. But I have decided not to be angry even when my brothers were killed brutally at the hands of terrorists. I am sad but I am not sad because of the involvement of a Pakistani terror group but because the murderer emerged from my country.

I am not an expert who has a deep knowledge of the ground level situation, but I have the wisdom to understand that cruel remarks from someone so close hurt you more than that of a stranger. Those injuries are deep, more painful and stay on forever. It is something terrible just like a mother’s pain whose son went astray.

Think about Maa Bharti. How hurt she will be when a traitor son had murdered her patriotic son. Regrettably, today you have killed forty of our brothers, who might have safeguarded you and your family and could have brought eternal peace at your home.

Well, we were expecting this. When one says “Bharat tere tu***e honge Ins**llah! Ins**llah! ” he survives with his words without any counter threats and even certain politicians back him. When one says, “Indian army is rap*st”, he is still free to exercise his free speech to the extent of shaming the entire army personnel. When one says “Afzal hum sharminda hain tere katil Jinda hain”, some people rally behind them in support.

I am very surprised by a new generation of a section of the Kashmiri youth who are ready to act as suicide bombers and die. How they had become so fearless and highly motivated, even to die?

I was trying to understand this complex political situation. Let us reminisce the history a bit. When India got her independence in 1947, Kashmir was a Muslim dominated princely state under the rule of a Hindu Maharaja named Hari Singh. The Maharaja, in the wake of infiltration attempts from the Pakistani side, had decided to join the dominion of India and signed the instrument of accession. This had led to war between India and Pakistan. Today, Pakistan occupies one-third of the Princely state of Kashmir. India controls and administer two-thirds of the erstwhile Maharaja’s territory.

Time has not healed the wounds of the early post-independence events. Let us be fair and can’t be one sided. I have talked to a Pakistani youth on WhatsApp and had tried to understand the other side of the story. I asked him about his views on Kashmir and he replied: “From our school days, we were constantly taught Kashmir banega Pakistan”. From this reply, I got a deep impression on how much the issue is politicized since 1947.

The separatists have been telling since long to not send Kashmiri children to schools and instead empowered them with stones and asked them to receive pellets, impairing individual ability. But have you ever noticed how the family members and children of these leaders live. They have received the best possible education and had settled abroad and are living a peaceful luxurious life.

I would sincerely ask these so-called leaders why not ask your children to be at the forefront of the stone throwing protesters? These leaders ask the youth to stop receiving an education. Why not they ask their children to do the same?

Terror outfits emanating from Pakistan may brainwash you to join their efforts as a Muslim brother to help free the Muslims. But remember, India has 172 million Muslim brothers and sisters who can help you find salvation better than these petty terror outfits.

When Pakistan cannot solve its own territorial problems, how they are going to solve your problems. When they are themselves helpless, how can they help you. When their resources are limited, how they are going to share the revenue. When they are unable to develop their Western extremities, how they are going to develop your space.

It is high time to ask these terror groups and leaders, if it is a holy war as you claim, why not start with yourself and your children first? I am sure they will not do this. When they brainwash you to be a suicide bomber for a holy cause, ask them to lead by example.

Let us assume that they are so merciful enough to help you to go to heaven, but why they deprive themselves, and their children an opportunity to go to heaven? Who allowed them to play with your future and life?

It will be too late if you don’t realise the hidden agenda behind these leaders and their outfits. Leaders politicised the issue to reap benefits for themselves by using innocent people.

History is the witness. The extent of death in Kashmir to fulfil a few political ambitions by forcing the common people to be the scapegoats made the innocent lives worse off.

Maybe, I have a limited understanding but for sure I can say that you are being kept in the dark and used for narrow political gain. Think and stop this for your betterment. Understand how badly you are being used. You need to decide your path. You need to rethink and decide carefully. Do not fall in your youth. Your mother needs you when she is old. Your country needs you as a celebrated citizen.

This is the high time. Today, ask yourself, haven’t the prophet taught you ‘the heaven is under the feet of your mother’. Serve your mother. She brings you the heaven and not the massacre of innocent lives. Understand the terrible consequences. A never-ending war stimulated by these people will convert the paradise on earth, our Kashmir into a dilapidated Syria.

Jai Hind

image courtesy: PTI

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