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Muhammad Zakaria

The author is a dealer and exporter of Kratom products in Indonesia



January 18, 2019 · 4 min read •

Kratom is an endemic plant hailing from the South-East Asia. The island of Kalimantan in Indonesia is well known for the production of Kratom powder. The powder is produced from the Kratom leaves. They are dried and then processed into powder form.

Product Benefits

Kratom plant has many properties. Some of them are: They are

energy enhancers, painkillers, helps in reducing high blood pressure, helps in treating insomnia, eliminate drug addiction, helps in relaxation, act as depression relievers, helps in boosting sex drive, strengthen immune system and, maintain good mood.


In market, Kratom leaves and powders are available in three types of colors, namely:

Green, Red and White (each color has its own benefits and uses).

Export Destinations

Currently Kratom powder is in use in many countries including:

North America: the United States of America, Canada

Europe: Netherlands, Italy

Asia: Malaysia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, China, Vietnam

South America: Argentina

Kratom Price Per Kilo and How to Buy

We offer a price of U.S $40 per kilogram for Kratom powder products, and the selling price on the market is U.S $70-$100 per kilogram. You can contact me to import the products from Indonesia. Mail me the requirements or contact me on WhatsApp +6281257512852


image courtesy: Muhammad Zakaria

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