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For a beginner, it is difficult to grasp the concepts of economics. It may take years of hard work to have a good understanding of topics. With clear planning and referring some quality resources, it is now easy to learn economics. Following are some ways to learn economics.


Investopedia is a website that provides insights on finance and empower visitors with financial education. Their video tutorials and explanations are excellent in quality. Investopedia deals with a wide variety of topics.


YouTube offers some brilliant channels that allows learners to explore topics extending from beginner to an advanced level. You can also access video lectures of distinguished professors being uploaded by premier universities. YouTube is also a great way to experience classroom environment of the Ivy Leagues.


There are certain websites that provides free to payment based learning modules, blogs and video tutorials. They are basically catering to the aspirant community who are preparing for different competitive examinations. Famous among them are websites in India. You can visit the economics sections of mrunal.org, unacademy.


There are open source resources, textbooks of university courses freely available in university portals and pdf documents of standard textbooks for non-commercial purpose. Refer them to strengthen your concepts.


To learn the theoretical concepts, you can also actually engage in an economic activity. For example- To learn about taxation, you can transform yourself into a registered taxpayer or in order to learn about share markets, you can trade in shares. In this way you can avoid the need for repetitive learning.

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