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Priyansh Bajpai

May 21, 2020 · 8 min read 


“Just because you can solve someone’s problem does not mean you should offer to do so. Maybe the person does not want your interference. Or maybe the person is too stupid to understand your solution. Each one has a journey and needs to go through the churns… Unsolicited advice is always a very bad idea!.”

Undoubtedly, in this generation , youngsters remain in a high level of stress without having any genuine problem. They are self creating those problems day by day through different means like social media and regular social interaction. Let us start from the grassroots. Generations before us were not in such a high-level of stress because they always had something that made them excited. For example, visiting new places, meeting new people, etc.

Excitement is the key to remain alive. The day excitement dies out, you are nothing more than a physical body controlled by different emotions with a demerit that you have given the privilege to others to control your emotions.

I will articulate it for you. You also need to consider everything from a point of practically true what the youngsters are doing in their regular social life.
Without having any task, what will they do to remain happy?

Let us have a look at the daily routine of most of the youngsters today. They wake up in the morning after sleeping late at night. Youngsters wake up with an alarm. Then the very first thing that they do is to reply to messages on their phone. As a result of reading and replying to the message an emotion of happiness, anger or miserable thoughts arises inside them. So, the first activity done by us in the morning is controlled by the person who texted you.

Secondly, what youngsters do is they go to college, meet up with their friends which is a good thing. Then after lunch they again start chatting with their friends on social media. They again meet at evening. Then after studying at night, they again start chatting.

Now I am not stopping you from doing this. But the harm done by these activities to youngsters is when they get alone they get depressed. As meeting people is just a way to ignore or distract all your problems or responsibilities .

Usually in today’s world all youngsters are in stress but they don’t know why they are in stress?

Why sometimes a different kind of feeling arises in them when they are alone?

In this case, they realize the harsh reality of life and their responsibilities towards family, society and their career. And this causes stress. Now to get away from it, they need diversion and they open whatsApp or other social media sites to interact with the same person who is also facing the same set of problems.

Without understanding the cause of stress what they do is they start asking questions. It’s annoying when people need to know everything or what’s going to happen. Stop being so fragile. Be strong and grounded. The only certainty is the next step in the path of reason. Joy lies in being the Sun to another dawn.

Solution to stress:

Youngsters, today, doesn’t need to do more. The only thing they need to know and do is
1) Start giving time to themselves (Don’t give others the privilege to control your emotions)
2)Interaction with people is OK but access of interaction is addiction. An addiction which diverts you from reality and responsibility.
3)Make a disciplined schedule. Your closeness with friends shall not be disturbed. But lower it by a less interaction.
4)Complete the task at hand. It will give you a feeling of gratitude and ecstasy.

If you want to be successful “start your day by changing your bed.” It will give you a feeling of gratitude as you have completed your first task.
Then completing regular disciplinary tasks will be a way to your success. I am still saying regular interaction is not wrong but addiction or sticking to some people will narrow your mindset. “So start giving time to yourself and ask questions from you. Is everything I am doing today making me happy or it’s just a formality to satisfy yourself that you have some friends which will solve all your problems and an easy way to distract from your reality.
“Loneliness for sometime can bring uniqueness for lifetime”

Start being judgmental and a decision maker. A man of words.
“People are interesting if you allow them to be.

A routine social interaction is only a couple of good questions away.

People reveal their complexity when you give them your full attention.”
According to me the best time for concentration is when you are having a conversation. Give your full attention to the second person. Don’t bring your phone. It will distract you and for a healthy productive conversation you don’t need hours. If you are close to someone you can easily read in his/her eyes as telepathy exist.


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