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Things don’t heal with time, we have to deal it with time

In this busy running life, we face different kind of peculiar conditions. Everyone is in search of solutions but at the same time they are unaware of the problems. Problems can be encapsulated into awareness, thought process and working of mind or scientifically as energy, frequency, and vibrations.

We all know ‘everything is made up of atoms’ and ‘anything that occupies space and has mass is matter’. In this way, we can easily decipher the meaning of physical body parts. Brain is a matter oriented by a fixed pattern of atoms vibrating at their own position at a certain frequency.

Energy, Frequency, and Vibrations:

Nikola Tesla, famous Serbian-American scientist, encapsulated the philosophy of universe and articulated it so as to find secrets of the universe by thinking in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations. If we draw parallels from his articulation, brain is a matter in which feelings are arranged in a definite pattern of thoughts and every space that includes a matter accommodate some space and mass ( for example: happiness with 20 kilo Joule and sadness with 30 kilo Joule. Every feelings have some space and defnite static number ). No theory can be a guide to anyone but it may, for some, seems as enigma and some are so enraptured by thoughts that they forgot their own ability.

Most of us don’t agree to new theories of life but at the same time we must realise most people are scared to plunge into dangerous adventures that gives them feelings of ecstacy and happiness. They don’t take risks. Different terms means diffrent to diffrent people. For some, it might be a fable and some may consider it as a gospel.

Affirmation, Subconscious and Emotions:

Subconscious minds are also filled with patterns vibrating at certain frequencies. So if you go into your subconscious mind and create patterns to infuse energy and thus vibrate at a certain frequency, you can attract things of similar nature too. Go in your subconcius mind, repeat affirmation which has concise choice of positive words, clear visualisation and infuse affirmations (feelings). This will help you “to control your thoughts and direct your energy into a positive direction.

“Thus, ’emotion’ is energy associated with awareness or experience and thought process which can be controlled or directed into a defnite direction.”

As energy doesn’t know how to diffrentiate between good or bad, so if you can decide your affirmation then bad thoughts can be segregated and we can live life with happiness and joy. But problem is visualisation.

Everyone wants to concentrate but they don’t know how to do it. People are good at distraction because what they practically do all day long is to get distracted. So if you have control over subconscious mind and have clear affirmation, we can easily get rid off distraction. As life is finite, we have to use our energy(emotions) substantially and have to decide our priorties. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to check whether you have succeeded or not in life.

“Just stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself, what I am and what is my purpose in life”. The day you get this answer, you become the greatest person (in terms of happiness) in the universe. As some people are so poor, the only thing they think about is money. How to get rid off this thought and your past experiences?

Hindu philosphy encapsulates this in a process called Vasana Daha Tantra which helps you to reduce your stress and past experiences.

Vasana Daha Tantra:

Take a piece of paper and write down your problems in it. Then crumble this piece of paper and burn it. This signifies that as energy is neither created nor destroyed, you have transformed your energy (emotions) into that piece of paper. Your energy (emotions) is transformed but as total energy can’t be transformed you will not totally forgot the experience, it will remain with you and in space but this technique reduces your stress and if you can control your affirmation (feelings) you can have control over your mind .

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