BizHeadz undertakes virtual travel to Vancouver. Vancouver is the base of Lululemon Athletica Inc., a yoga inspired apparel retailer. They are a significant player in the competitive Athleisure apparel segment. Also they have a global presence.

Lululemon Athletica: a brief History 

Twenty years back, a Canadian named Chip Wilson founded a small design and yoga studio in Vancouver. Today, this yoga-inspired apparel company named Lululemon Athletica has spread to twelve countries with over 400 stores.

Recent Performances:

Notably a Bloomberg Billionaires Index says Mr. Wilson is one among the 500 richest people in the world. A stellar performance by the company in its second quarter fiscal sales reinforced their wealth. The shares were trading at a record high of $157.50. The analysts’ are optimistic enough to revise the price targets of the company.

Comparing the competition:

In contrast it’s competitors struggles to perform better with their line of products. While compared to field giants like Nike Inc, Lululemon is a small player with a sales projection of $3.2 billion. But they have registered a consistent performance out maneuvering competitors with a product line that the consumers covet.


Ironically, a company that is inspired by the ancient Indian practice of yoga, does not have presence in India. This shows the acceptance of yoga worldwide. But Lululemon is all set for a strategic revamp by 2020; Accordingly, they have a strategy focused on digital and international growth.

Indian market:

In any event Lululemon cannot ignore India from its international expansion plan because India has a large consumer base and is the homeland of yoga. Significantly, their expansion will also create a competitive atmosphere in the Athleisure apparel segment. In essence, we have only one thing to say in regard to Lululemon’s India expansion, Just Do It.

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