Our market research into a few accomplished brands made us realise that many do not have a presence in India. A further study made us believe that some are reluctant to enter India due to a dearth in an adequate supportive environment. They do not invest because of lack of reliable market study, expert advice and fear of an unfamiliar terrain. In order to solve the above issues, we have conceptualised a platform for providing expertise, reliable market study, information gathering network that too with a pan India reach. We accomplish this mission with the help of an internal and external network of consultants from a range of background.



BizHeadz was conceptualised as an expert advisor group for businesses. BizHeadz is an Initiative of a group of friends who are highly qualified and experienced in their respective field. Initially started by pooling expertise, we are now a company with a pan India reach and an extended operation to Europe. BizHeadz is powered by expert partner firms and startups.



We are an expert group of consultants. We at BizHeadz help you to grow your dream business. At BizHeadz, we provide you the service of professional strategists from management, education, technology, design, advertisement, marketing, healthcare, branding and a range of fields. We have also region specific experts who are well aware of regional sensitivities and business climate. Think BizHeadz for a better future.



  1.  We identify businesses that have the potential to make it big in India. With an expert group of advisors, we undertake a detailed project appraisal.
  2. We create awareness about India’s socio-politico-economic climate according to client requirements.
  3. Our Branding Strategists will help you to form a new strategy for your business.
  4. We actively scout for technologies to launch them in Indian market.
  5. With a pan India reach, it is easy for us to find a suitable partner for your business.
  6. We connect you with registered experts by providing an interface in our website. Click the Expertise link to know more.

Ever thought of a business expansion? Do you feel you are lacking an expert advice on your investment decision? Don’t worry, BizHeadz will help you. We have an array of experts who can place your business to your desired client base with right strategy and planning. BizHeadz, with a pan India reach, will help you to find right partners and make your brand reach to the last mile. Think BizHeadz and stay relieved.

Standing besides a roadblock? Have difficulty in thriving in the market? Don’t worry, leave it to us. BizHeadz will help you to strategise better to make your brand stand out in the market. We assist you to thrive in a competitive environment by helping you to find an edge over your competitors. We provide you with right market research, pricing strategy, rebranding and technological intervention.

BizHeadz is on an active scout for technologies that have the potential to revolutionise Indian market. We help the developers of potential technologies to enter Indian market and tap the huge market potential the economy offers. BizHeadz will stand as a suitable partner for individual as well as institutional developers, corporate houses, R&D firms to enter the Indian market.

Are you trying to hire an experienced professional expertise for your limited period project? Do you have any constraints in employing a full time expertise? Don’t worry. BizHeadz has the expertise that you desire for your dream project. You can choose from an array of expert professionals registered with BizHeadz and avail their service for your project. We help professional expertise to find suitable opportunity in their desired field. Register with BizHeadz to connect to a global employer network.