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Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can ask questions and answer them. The company was formed in 2009. Nine years have passed since its inception. With the advent of quality video contents emerging as the biggest rival in regard to user experience, we tend to think that user generated contents that too written are fading away from the scene. Is that really true?

The answer is a big NO. Why?

Quora has a number of users who are well established in their chosen field. They are experts in their field and for a one-to-one interaction they may even charge a few dollars. With Quora, people are getting a platform where they can ask their doubts even to the extreme of some weird questions. They get their answers without any cost involved.

Some of the questions are interesting to read as well as the answers are excellent. Read some questions here.

1. My MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds. If I download more files on it, will it make it heavier?

2. Why can’t I have a conversation with a girl inspite of being extremely proficient in science and math?

3. Can a police officer fire a bullet, if somebody is attacking him/her with a weapon like knife?

4. What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve found when your partner took off their clothes?

5. What happened to the IPS officer who was caught cheating in the UPSC exam?

6.Can any IAS officer own a Lamborghini?

7. What are some of the scariest pictures ever taken?

8. I have impregnated my girlfriend. What should I do now?

9. Can I patent my Sperm so that it cannot be used without my permission?

10. What are some good ways to annoy a superhero?

11. If cavemen had Quora, What Questions would they have ask?

12. How Can I be happy?

People have unleashed their asking potential to its zenith with Quora.

For this reason, Quora is still relevant in 2018. Because the whole world is ready to answer your inquisitive questions.

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