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Saygin Yalcin is the founder and CEO of sellanycar.com


September 1, 2018 · 4 min read •

Saygin Yalcin

Do you know about Saygin Yalcin, sellanycar.com or Sukar.com?. If your answer is NO, we suggest you to spend some quality time here. Read this article. We are sure that you will achieve some insight.

Sukar.com was the brainchild of Mr. Saygin Yalcin.  He is a UAE based and German born young business person. Sukar.com was an online shopping space.

A brief history

Back in 2012, Sukar.com was a market leader in fashion e-commerce in the Middle East.

Later on, Souq.com acquired it. Hence, they made Saygin a partner in Souq. Souq then was bought by Amazon. This successful sold out earned him accolades.

Media christened Saygin ‘the youngest and the most successful Internet entrepreneur in the Middle East’.

An intriguing question

what made him successful business person?.

In 2012, online payment service provider PayPal took a major decision. They were planning to extend operations to the Middle East. Accordingly, PayPal  took a decision to conduct a market research.

IPSOS report and business ideas

PayPal hires Ipsos, a market data company. The main objective of the study was to collect consumer and business data.

Importantly, they studied about the nascent e-commerce space in the Middle East.

The survey had found that while people shop online, their biggest concern is security.

Taking a cue, Saygin had marketed his services as a secure and safer platform to engage. His huge fan following in the social media is a showcase of people’s belief in his narrative.

His business: sellanycar.com and its narrative

He later founded sellanycar.com. He incorporated in it the principle of marketing the narrative of ‘the secure and the safe’.

Interestingly, his website has the same principled introduction. It reads thus ‘sellanycar.com offers a new, safe and convenient way of selling your car throughout the Arab world’.

Lessons learnt early

More Importantly, he reminds us of an ideal. Ensure that you keep your  marketing promises. And it is the key to success. For the same reason, never compromise on your promise even at a loss.

It is not surprising to surmise that he learned an important marketing value at an early phase of his career.

Lessons to the Indian online entrepreneurs

In India, online merchandising is picking pace. Hence, potential entrepreneurs can utilise plenty of space in online entrepreneurship .

Furthermore, in a digital India, the service sector is poising to be the next big job provider. Therefore, talks on digital entrepreneurship seems sensible.

Tryst with sale

Certainly, Saygin and sellanycar.com are classic lessons to India’s budding digital entrepreneurs. They surely cannot ignore his ‘tryst with safe’ narrative.

Watch Saygin Yalcin full speech


Input and image courtesy – https://sayginyalcin.de

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