ShelVines is a YouTube channel run by RJ Shelvin James. The channel has around 1 lakh subscribers. His channel intends to entertain viewers, make them happy and ‘laugh the hell out of the world’. Subscribe ShelVines to watch vine and dubbing videos.

A talk with Shelvin James 

May 24, 2020 · 7 min read • 



1.You are about to cross the 1 lakh mark with regard to your subscriber count. Congratulations on your feat!

Thank you so much. Crossing 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube is really a big thing for a young YouTuber like me. I’m always thankful to all my well wishers who supported me throughout my journey.

2. Tell us something about you. What you do apart from content creation?

So my name is Shelvin James. Some people know me as ‘ShelVines’, the name of my YouTube channel in which I create vine videos, dubbing videos etc. Other than that some people also know me as RJ Shelvin as I’m also working as a Radio Jockey at Mathrubhumi Club FM 104.8.

My native place is Kottayam. But I’m working in Alappuzha. I’m a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from MBC College kuttikkanam, Idukki. And I have also acted in a Malayalam movie named ‘June’ where I played a character named Jobin.

3. ShelVines is a growing YouTube channel with niche subscribers. What was the exact date you have started the channel?

As ShelVines

Actually, I started my YouTube channel back in 2016. This was just to upload some of my Dubsmash videos during my stay at my college hostel. But I was not serious enough during those days. It was back in mid-2019, I have started taking YouTube a bit seriously and started creating contents.

4. You are creating different kinds of videos with voice modulations. Is it difficult to create such videos? How long it will take to create one video?

Yeah, I have created some Malayalam fun dubbed videos. All the voices used in my videos are mine without any voice modulating apps or fine tuning. Some voices are bit difficult to maintain throughout but somehow I managed to do them. It depends on my scripting and the idea behind the video, that defines the duration of the dubbing video. Sometimes it happens in few hours. Sometimes it’ll take days to complete. It all depends on the idea and the concept.

5. Your contents are created with the help of external videos. Will copyright claim affect the prospects? How are you going to tackle copyright claims?

Some videos get copyright claim. Some videos can’t be posted on YouTube. Such videos will be posted in my Instagram page. After all it’s for entertainment purpose only.

6. How supportive are your family members?

Well they are supportive. Actually I haven’t said to them that I’m creating such such contents.. this and that. I hope they are watching or maybe not. Ha ha.. but they are, indeed, really supportive.

7. What are the future plans?

Shelvin in June movie as character Jobin

Future plans are so surprising. You will come to know about it in future! Ha ha, just kidding. I always dreamed of being an actor who really handles different characters with ease and to become a great entertainer who creates good contents for the audience.

8. Do you have any plans to diversify the contents in order to suit the changing demands of your subscribers? If yes, what kind of videos you’ll produce in future?

See there are different opinions from people. Some people love my vine videos while others want fun dubs. I create contents that comes to my mind. It can be vine videos relating to current scenario or dubbing videos or some other type of contents. I can’t say I will choose this or that type of contents in future. After all videos abhi bakki hein mere dosth!

9. Is YouTube a reliable source of income? Are you satisfied with your present income from YouTube? Is it worth your effort? Does money really matter in content creation or is it just a passion?

People are really curious about the income from YouTube. A YouTuber can understand a YouTuber. The income from YouTube will always depend on how you create your content and how you maintain your audience. It’s not only about creating content, it’s also about being consistent. That’s the point to be highlighted. As I have already said, I really want to be an actor. In many ways this platform is really helping me out.

10. What are your advises to budding You Tubers?

Really a good question, but I won’t term it as an advice. I’m not a person to give advises but a suggestion, indeed, from my own experiences. Never start a YouTube channel thinking that I’m gonna make huge money and all. If you really want to start a YouTube channel, first of all, know your areas really well. What contents are you gonna make, how are you going to manage them etc. Never expect your videos to go viral or never think that you will do more contents once you get reach. Reach views and subscribers only comes gradually. In exceptional cases the opposite could also happen. But remember never stop once you have already begun. Go on creating contents. your audiences are there in different areas. We just need to find them.

11. Does any others help you in the technical aspects of content creation?

Not really. I actually write down my scripts for the video, shoot them, edit them and upload them by myself. Everything is done by myself. Sometimes, I take suggestions from my three friends. But scripting, shooting and editing is done in my mobile itself. A big thanks to my phone for tolerating me! Some people think I’m having huge accessories, but not really. You can create content if you have the right mindset.

12. How you get ideas for each of your videos? What sources are helping you out?

Some people suggest videos and ask me to do a dub on them. If I find the video interesting then I’ll do it. Else I’ll find out videos myself. Ideas for vine videos are created, mostly, by myself. Favas, Sonu and Ashik are my friends with whom I discuss sometimes and one among them will be the first person to see the edited cut of the video

13. What are the prominent changes in your life after you have reached about one lakh subscribers compared to a phase where you had only 100 subscribers?

Getting lots of love from many people. I really want to bring smiles on the faces of others while they watch my videos. When I get messages from people saying that some of my videos really made their day, I am happy. Earlier, they may be emotionally down and after watching my videos, they tend to forget their sadness. Such responses means a lot to me. While having 100 subscribers you really don’t care about uploading videos, but now the responsibility has gone up as the number of people watching the videos has increased. Sometimes, I think twice before pressing the upload button. But then I feel like I will upload it anyways because you need to accept any reactions whether good or bad. You do not expect good comments always. You need to experience both. I love experimenting.

14. What was your favorite fan moment?

I believe it is yet to come. But if I need to say one, then once I had to call someone for an official conversation. And when I introduced myself to that person, I was amazed that the person already knows me, and has watched my videos and loved my contents. After all, every moment from them are special.

15. What resources do you use for editing and enhancing your video content?

Other than my phone, I don’t have any other resources.

16. Which is your most favorite YouTube channel?

Bhuvam Bam

BB ki vines.

17. Who is your most favorite YouTuber?

Bhuvan Bam. He inspires me a lot. I’m a great fan of BB.

18. Which video of yours do you like the most?

Every video that I create is special for me.

19. What are the challenges you face while shooting the videos?

Oh there are a number of things. Since I’m one man army, I can’t see myself in the frame while recording videos. I have to make sure that I’m in the field limit, light issues, sound issues like you can’t ask people in your surroundings to be quiet always in order for me to shoot my videos. So, I have to choose a convenient place and time to shoot. I had created a funny version of the video call between Sunny Leone and Ashish chanchlani (embedded below). I scripted and shot the spoof version at night after 11 pm so that I won’t get disturbed by others and I don’t want outside noise take the sheen out of the video. Challenges are many, but we need to adjust, adapt and move on.


image courtesy: Shelvin James

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