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The author is a Senior Consultant, Central Board of Excise and Customs.

SPNZ Autotech, a unit owned by SPNZ Technologies Private Limited and a Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) awarded start-up, managed by Ms.Shubhangi Zilpe and Mrs.Seema Nawalkar is creating a lot of technology buzz in the Mundhwa vicinity, Pune.

SPNZ Autotech has a wider objective to create further employment opportunities for the rural youth. In this measure, the firm has formed state-of-the art facilities with advanced paint and car accessories, dent removal and repair centres. On 22nd January 2019, Vice Chairman of Wuerth, Mr. Dennis Hummel from Germany had visited SPNZ Autotech where drones are used for vehicle status reporting and robotic surveillance are used for car repairing and monitoring.

Mr.Hummel had appreciated the initiatives taken by SPNZ Technologies in automobile sector and had extended his support for the firm on behalf of Team Wuerth.

SPNZ Autotech is equipped with latest set of technologies including sensor scanners and in-house humanoid robot surveillance as well as drones used for OBD II reporting that are piloted to interact with the customers on cell phones without having to download the app. 

Team SPNZ Technologies had gifted pickles manufactured by the rural unit of SPNZ Technologies as part of the initiative to support the rural youth. Mr.Santosh Nikam and Mr.Machindra Yadav from Wuerth India had also accompanied Mr.Hummel. Director of SPNZ Technologies, Ms.Shubhangi Zilpe, had welcomed the delegates. Software Lead Mr.Santosh Bankar and Autotech Lead Ms.Prachi Meghe were also present.

The team met all the leaders including the operations team consisting of Mr.Nasir Shaikh, Mr.Moin Shaikh, Mr.Alam Shaikh and Mr.Shahrukh Khan along with other supporting staff and the head of the security. The operations team had demonstrated live-scanning and car health surveillance via drones and humanoid robots under pilot stage.

SPNZ Autotech was earlier selected for a Start-up India Project named “Set-up Vigilance for Illegal usage of Drones”. The project aims to counter the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) by malicious actors to conduct unauthorised surveillance or to deliver hazardous payloads

image courtesy: SPNZ Autotech

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