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Suja organic juice:

BizHeadz undertakes a virtual reality travel. We travel to Oceanside, California. Oceanside represents a coastal city. This place remains 9,200 miles away from India. It is across the Pacific Ocean. The Ocean Ranch Boulevard in Oceanside represents the home of Suja organic juice.

Suja Juice is an organic juice company. They enthusiastically promotes juice products made out of non – Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Suja Juice: A brief History:

Annie Lawless is the co-founder of Suja Juice. A spate of frequent illness in her childhood affected cadence in her life. Since then she turned to yoga and healthy intake.

In addition, her friend and co-founder Eric Ethan and Lawless ‘were frustrated by the lack of genuine, organic products in grocery stores’. Henceforth they “decided to produce their own juices at home’. Even more, James Brennan, a successful San Diego entrepreneur and Jeff Church, a Harvard MBA turned CEO, also allied them.

Image courtesy: www.sujajuice.com

As can be seen Suja Juice represents an association of expertise. Significantly, the association helped develop for nation’s consumers an innovative product.


With attention to R&D, they had implemented a ‘breakthrough displacement technology called High Pressure Processing(HPP)’. Specifically, ‘HPP is a method of preserving packaged food products using extremely high pressure’. To put it differently, ‘this process extends the shelf life and helps to maintain the essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes in their organic cold-pressed juices and functional beverages’.

Image Courtesy: www.sujajuice.com


An entrepreneurial initiative, it is today a multi million dollar company with a good growth prospects. It is noteworthy that ‘Suja Juice has become the leading organic and cold-pressed juice brand in the US’.

In 2015, Suja Juice was named second in Forbes List of Most Performing Companies. Most importantly, Coca Cola had acquired a 30 percent stake in Suja Juice in 2015.

Scope in India:

Importantly, India is undergoing a transition. Chiefly, a transition into a traditional organic food economy. In fact, immense opportunities are awaiting in the organic sector. Moreover, the government is strengthening the backward and forward linkages.

In the same fashion, the Ministry of Food Processing and Industries, Government of India, is promoting mega food parks and related infrastructures. Together with that the government has the vision to double the farmers’ income by 2022. Significantly, horticulture plays a major role in farmers’ income.

On the demand side, people are protesting against the harmful use of cancer-causing pesticides in crops. Aided by a spate of media reports and movies inspired by the subject, people are more  aware today. Notably, they have started to gradually emulate an organic and healthy lifestyle.


With healthy intake a major factor in how we feel and look, let us spread the message of Suja Juice. The message is simple. Stay away from pesticides and GMOs. Stay healthy with organic food ecosystem.

input and image courtesy: www.sujajuice.com

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