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Sameer Babu M, PhD
The author is Assistant Professor of Education, Kerala University

Strengthening the teaching faculty with skill sets and orienting them on innovative strategies is one of the great challenges that any institute of higher education highlights.

Even though there are ways and means of giving training to the teaching folk, the identification of core area, and specific training on such areas really require rigorous planning and well drafted organization.

The core concerns in teachers college education are teaching, research, extension, and showcasing them as trend setters. Considering all these, a few areas, on which professional development can be given, are listed out.

1. Teaching and learning: Intensive training in planning of topics, identification of resources, and selection of learner as well as tutor fixations (activities). Demonstration is a must along with simulated sessions of employing various/select innovative methods and strategies; Similarly, assessment and recording of the progress, learner management, and resource mobilization are to be taken into account.

2. Rigorous research: How and why of recent designs and possibilities of fused frameworks can be discussed.

3. Extension, community linked development: How the society, or community outside can be well connected to the institution is one of the winning big questions. A proper orientation of tips to execute certain plans will help the teaching folk meet another significant concern of higher education.

4. Publication: Being with the global academia is a serious concern. Only rigorous training on how to publish and not perish in a field is a requirement to equip the teaching folk for being with the recent developments in the field.

5. Innovation Orientation: Above all, innovation matters a lot in higher education. Patenting, and Intellectual Ownerships are of greater relevance in underpinning the quality benchmarks of institution. Challenges and target orientation can be a better scaffold here.


Every institute should have a well structured, even more participatory plan in this line. Alongside the other academic planning, this training can be listed out in separate. It can never be a permanent plan. Yearly, focal areas may be different, major concern will be varied, and budgetary provisions are also dissimilar.

A monitoring mechanism can also be developed by appointing a committee to look after the progress, execution, and the further- i.e., to conduct the yearly need analysis, to structure the plans, to propose the budget, and to study the impact and follow up sketches.

image courtesy: www.tc.columbia.edu

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