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Shinu Joseph

Director, Research Ops

Bachelor of Science in Physics, Masters in History

A native of Kottayam district in Kerala, he has completed his higher studies from Delhi and is currently based in Delhi. He is a graduate in Physics and a post graduate in History. He is currently pursuing a post graduation in population studies from Indian Institute of Population Studies, Mumbai. His mission is to provide innovative research based solutions to complex organizational & societal challenges.

He has research experience of more than a decade. He has worked in several non government organisations. He was a Researcher with Butterflies and a founder member of Caterpillar and Butterfly Research Foundation. He was also a Research Executive in Development and Research Services, Delhi. He has also been associated with the research reports and studies of various ministries, national and international agencies such as the World Bank.

He has a wider interest in research and his areas of interests include research design, data analysis, data collection & processing, data editing, report writing, assisting consultants in report writing, data quality monitoring and research training, content writing and analysis, organising conferences, events and training.

At BizHeadz, he is the Director of Research, Strategic Operations and Public Relations. Additionally, he will act as a special advisor to the CEO.