1. This contract is subject to payment realisation from the party concerned.
  2. Any operational and advance cost paid by party is non refundable under any circumstances
  3. This contract has two parts: a) an agreement b) its enforceability by law
  4. This contract is governed under the Indian Contract Act 1872 and lex causae or the Proper Law Of the Contract (PLC) . Read the Acts carefully.
  5. Note that law of contract covers and enforces only those agreements which create legally binding obligations. BizHeadz™ recommends to follow legally binding contracts.
  6. The jus in personam of this contract in respect of law of contract is entirely devolve on BizHeadz™. Individual right is not entertained.
  7. Any Dispute arising out of this contract comes under the exclusive Jurisdiction of Thrissur District. No other Jurisdiction is entertained
  8. We emphasise Arbitration and Conciliation as an effective measure of Dispute redressal. This is separately dealt by the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.
  9. Please note that the party will be charged a service tax at 18 percent under the Goods And Services Tax Act Of India
  10. Information and recommendations provided by BizHeadz™ shall not be of a legal liability nature and the client cannot sue BizHeadz™ for the same. The client is under their free will to accept or decline the recommendations.