As a website owner, your primary objective might be site monetisation by way of improving visitors to your site. Your website may offer products, services or provide informative contents to the users. If you are solely depending on advertisement revenue, we have come up with 5 important tools that you as a website owners must have. Here is the list.


Google Analytics helps to track visitors to your site and provides real time user data. Analytics is a great tool to analyse users to your website in regard to their nation, city, language, device, behaviour and many more features.


Google Adsense is the answer to how you make money. Adsense helps you to publish advertisements in your website. There are two ways to earn money from Adsense. You get paid for both the page views as well as clicks on live ads.


Google Ads and AdWords Express are two platforms that helps you to publish your site’s ads on google search engine as well as on google partner websites. Google Ads is a manual platform and Google AdWords Express is a fully automated platform.


WordPress app is a great way to edit and add more contents to your website. The app has some interesting tools that act very fast unlike the WordPress site but it is also applicable vice versa.


Alexa Ranking website helps you to track the relative position of your website. It gives you both global rank as well as the country rank of your website. Worth of Web gives you a picture of the total worth of your website, estimated users, page views as well as estimated earnings.

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