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January 11, 2019 · 3 min read •

Lykan Hypersport hologram:

Have you heard about W Motors? This Lebanese sports car maker introduced Lykan Hypersport with much fanfare in 2012. Lykan was the first car in the world, as claimed by the company, to introduce holographic display in their navigation display system.

Today, human beings are at their best in technological innovations. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace with stupendous innovations. The introduction of Google Glass, Virtual Reality, and wide varieties of Autonomous Cars are few examples.

The first real 3D holographic display was invented in 2005. The technology also known as Laser Plasma Display brought hologram technology into new limelight. Laser Plasma Displays are capable of producing images on air. And you know what, the technology do not require screens for display.

The first touchable hologram was invented by the Japanese scientists. This has created a revolutionary trend in the field of touchable hologram technology. With the entry of touchable hologram screens after Japanese invention, the technology became safe and they prevent skin from burning.

The future is screen less. The advancements in touchable hologram display technologies are expected to bring revolutionary screen less touchable hologram smartphones and televisions into the hands of gadget geeks.



image courtesy: Pixabay

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