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December 30, 2018 (updated on January 31, 2020) · 5 min read •

Why MOOCs like Udemy are significant?

Human beings, by nature, are information gatherers. Doesn’t matter the nature of access or approach. All of us constantly try to maintain the desired social prestige. We do this by updating ourselves with new pieces of information.

We gather information by and large through various methods. Reading of various kinds. By listening, by watching and observing. In this direction, we have a new addition- Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOCs ). For example: Udemy, Udacity etc.

MOOCs join an array of learning methods. These are courses having characteristics like

Free and open access.

Massive in enrollment.

Flexible as well as self-paced. And are

Provided in a cloud-based platform.

What is being given as collective?

The potential scaffold of MOOCs is that they help in social learning. It also combine with varieties of experiences. Generally, such a platform consists of social discussions, discussion forums, clinics of various nature. For example Twitter clinics, Facebook clinics etc. where experts are available for audio as well as video chats. Also, dialogue boxes, and reflective diaries.

As a whole, a cross cultural synthesis of opinions and deliberations are possible. There is a need for research studies in this direction. This will help us to identify the roles of MOOCs like Udemy in social relationship building, and strengthening of the knowledge base.

Leading among the initiatives are service providers like Edx, Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Swayam, etc.

Why learning through social collaboration courses from Udemy are recommended?

1. Various aspects are dealt in specifics.

2. Experience friendly approach.

3. Open and flexible.

4. Self-pacing and Individualistic.

5. Various forms of evaluation.

6. Blending of approaches and forms of teaching.

7. Involvement of subject experts and academicians.

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