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This is a list of 4 powerful influencer vloggers Of Asian origin. They have a mass following in social media platforms. See the list.


Nuseir Yassin is a Palestinian- Israeli video blogger who creates one-minute travel vlogs on Facebook. His videos are both informative and engaging for the viewers due to its short and crisp character.


An excerpt from his website:
Jay Shetty lived as a monk for 3 years and built philanthropic ventures. He is a host, storyteller, viral content creator and experiment maker. It’s been a mission of his to spread knowledge at the pace we want entertainment, something he like to call making wisdom go viral. Since launching his channel in 2016, he had garnered over 1 billion views and 10+ million followers.


Khaled Al Ameri is a UAE national. He along with his wife produces video contents on topics viz. family, love and relationships. He has a wide following on Facebook that had crossed a million page likes.


Mo Vlogs is also a UAE national who is widely regarded as an early starter vlogger. He is famous for earning a good fortune out of vlogging. He produces video contents that are based on travel, family and lifestyle including luxury living.

image courtesy: Hollywood Reporter

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